Shipping Policy

Vanception serves an international audience and shipping origin can vary depending on the item, your package may ship from an American operated warehouse in China or from inside the USA, quality does not vary by shipping location, so you can be sure that your purchase will feature the same quality and craftsmanship regardless of shipping origin. In all cases, a tracking number will be included with your delivery and it will be emailed to you after the order is on it's way. If there are any issues with the delivery of your item please contact us right away at so we can look in to it for you. Vanception is not responsible for wrong size selections, if you make a mistake and let us know soon enough we may be able to change it, but if it's already been shipped out it's impossible to stop delivery of the package.



  Please be aware that every country has different regulations when it comes to importing items via online shopping. Vanception has no control over this, so it's highly recommended that you research your country's duty/tax practices before purchase. Any import taxes billed to you are not related to our shipping costs and our free shipping program does not cover the cost of potential duties and taxes collected by your government.

Lost Or Damaged Packages:

If a customer package is lost in the mail, and tracking doesn't show it was delivered at the customer address, we will investigate and re-ship replacement items if the loss was not the responsibility of the customer. We can't take responsibility for a loss if you typed your address wrong when placing the order, but we may provide discounts for replacements at our discretion. If a package arrives damaged, in the incorrect size, or any other quality concerns, please document the incident with photos and email them to or message our Facebook page so we can assist you in replacing damaged items.